Our brand is dedicated towards innovating around the current online landscape and applications, effectively we are moulding the future of how marketing & management of a large groups of consumers is done. More importantly how engaging your audience becomes more efficient through the means of social/mobile technology.

This is due to the fact that the social media marketing landscape has changed, it has become more difficult to operate a typical/standard marketing campaign, which is designed around financial and crypto investments services.

More importantly media buying can become a thing of the past as consumers want direct access and communication with the suppliers/service providers through the means of messaging via platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and others.


TRENDTI – Is a brand of White Tech Solutions Ltd & Partners. It was formed to help financial and crypto businesses grow an enormous direct digital presence of communication with their existing and potential customers. A real means to develop your own traffic in an evolving competitive landscape that allows for monetisation at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods and have access to a larger audience through mobile, as the web browser market becomes a thing of the past…


TRENDTI is the NO 1 Financial & Crypto Marketing Management Solution, that is all provided in a single TRENDTI Solution.

TRENDTI Services

TRENDTI Management Solution

TRENDTI Telegram Solution ID & Super Group Creation

OUR TRENDTI team can provide you with a Fresh Online Google Voice Account which will be a super admin for your group. That includes: Email address access, Live US mobile number and full access to your fresh super group.

You can also create your group with your telephone number, TRENDTI only require one member with full admin rights to fulfil on our solution.

TRENDTI Standard Automation Solution

We will set up everything for you. Please see the list below:

  • Welcoming new users

  • Information about your brand for users

  • Warn users that are spamming

  • Kicking people off the group

  • Banning & Blocking

  • Setting Rules to your group

  • Remove Service Messages like: joining and leaving the group

  • 1 RSS Facebook feeder

TRENDTI Bundle Telegram Solution Add-On's

Gold Bundle

Extra 2 Social Media RSS Feeds

Financial or Crypto News RSS Feed

Platinum Bundle

Extra 4 Social Media RSS Feeds

Extra 2 Financial or Crypto News RSS Feeds

1 Company Website/Blog RSS Feed

TRENDTI List of Social Media & Extra Feeds

Social Media Feeds

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Gmail

  • Tumbler

  • Flicker

  • Github

Extras RSS Feeds

  • News (Crypto & Financial)

  • Your Own Blog / Website

  • Custom RSS Feeder - (Extra Cost)

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